My goal is to help inspire young people to start their own businesses. I want them to design products and services that serve the world while opening their eyes to the possibilities that await them as young entrepreneurs. 
Kevin Honeycutt

The kids from NessEssCity Clothing have been designing shirts for me and many other potential customers. Using a service called Spoonflower, they are able to let customers choose their own images to print on their fabric and therefore purchase shirts with their own favorite images on them.

Brent Kerr is our partner in this venture of starting and growing a class that mints new entrepreneurs.

Who do I trust to build an amplifyer for the coolest steampunk guitar on the planet? The inventors and entrepreneurs from Ness City of course. They are retrofitting an antique 8mm film projector and case (below) and turning it into an amplifyer complete with radio vacuum tubes and steam pipes and valves.

No more not using a tray table just because your traveling with a lap child!

The Talk-N-Toy will let traveling people teleconference with babies and toddlers!