This Monday me, Ginger Lewman, Allan Milbradt, Walton teachers and 100 plus K-4th graders will imagine and build  learning environments on Mars. This VERY intentional learning and visioning activity is designed to help unleash student creativity in

imagining fun, practical and inspiring learning spaces that might be developed at the school in the future.

Groups of young designers

We will randomly mix grade levels into project design groups of 10. These groups will imagine and design learning spaces on Mars. We’ll start on paper, then move to 3-D on a small scale and     

              finally we’ll construct

                larger structures that

                 we can get inside.

and beyond

Facing shrinking enrollment and in danger of closing its doors, in 2007, the Newton (KS) School District reestablished Newton as a public charter school. Bolstered by Charter School Program funds from the U.S. Department of Education, the Walton 21st Century Rural Life Center became the first public school in the nation to completely incorporate agriculture into its elementary classrooms and curricula.