I’ll start your conference off with a bang and leave participants ready to learn more!

Challenges & Opportunities for Today’s Learning Mind

In this keynote, session or day long training I delve into the multi-tasking, quick researching, opportunity seeking mind and seek to help participants imagine ways we can empower students to become skillful in using the tools of today to become better learners, headed toward brighter futures.

Digital Dumpster Diving

In this presentation or training I explore a host of free and affordable tools that teachers can begin using tomorrow to empower learning where they live.

Visionary Leadership

This presentation is designed for educational leaders. During this one hour, half day or whole day event I share many tools and ideas for seeing the future and adapting to it in time to lead schools in positive, new directions.

From In-Trouble to In-Business

Educators challenged with working with at-risk learners often find themselves overwhelmed and burned out. In this presentation or training I show them how to incorporate new, powerful tools to challenge kids to become entrepreneurs using online business models and free software.

Powerful Tools 4 Challenging Times

In this presentation I explore the amazing and abundant free and affordable tools that we can use to offset costs, maximize effect and drive improvement in schools and businesses.

Designing Your Digital Legacy

In this presentation for kids, teachers or educational leaders I explore the idea of Digital Legacy. This notion that everything people publish is forever associated with them is powerful and important and we can’t wait to start shaping student thinking around it.

Visionary Leadership

This presentation is designed for educational leaders. During this one hour, half day or whole day event I share many tools and ideas for seeing the future and adapting to it in time to lead schools in positive, new directions.


Let me and my ESSDACK team help you host this one or two day iPad conference designed to be an event teachers can’t wait to come to.

Unlocking Learning with Today’s Tools

In this presentation I’ll share powerful, transformational stories of student and teacher success with technology tools, networks, apps and devices. I’ll challenge participants to re-engage as learners on behalf of their students.

“Peripheral Learners”

(one hour) In this session we explore the notion of the peripheral learner or the learner who is assisted by devices. We delve into the idea of the brain extending it’s reach through devices as well as strategies for leveraging these new realities to help kids learn. We’ll explore some 21st century tools and look at some examples of teacher and student success using them.

Launch Me!

A presenter with worldwide reach, Kevin presents to over 100,000 educators, entrepreneurs, business people and students every year.

He is former art teacher,  musician, current school board member and published author. He’s an Apple Distinguished Educator and has over 30,000 followers on Twitter, 1,200,000 views on his youtube channel

and over 11,000 users on his ArtSnacks network. Through all of his networks and associations he reaches over 60,000 people each day. He presents on stage on average 100+ days a year and creates sought after material and thinking that keep him in demand. Maintaining all of this takes planning and strategy and together with his colleague he loves to show other people how he does it.

In this training I share everything I’ve learned about becoming a world class presenter, building a market and serving the needs of customers all over the world. This is a training that takes two days to unfold. Participants become certified in my Launch Me curriculum/approach. I offer 4 distinct programs:

Launch Me for Kids

Launch Me for Teachers

Launch Me for Presenters

Launch Me for Salespeople

Mentoring Digital Kids

(one hour) In this session I use my experience building and maintaining the ArtSnacks network. I talk about the ways we can mentor kids in virtual places and show inspiring examples of kid’s behaviors online.

Hooking Learners with Digital Tools

(one hour) In this session I share free tools as well as stories about schools and classrooms that have used them to engage learners and learning. I inspire educators to use exciting tools to reach even the reluctant learner.

Teaching “wired“ learners

(one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

In this session we explore some of the tools educators could/should use to

engage kids who’ve grown up online and texting. We deal with issues around digital responsibility, mentoring and preparing kids for success in virtual space.

Social “Learning” Networks

Teaching kids where they live

(one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

This session is an exploration of social networks as learning tools.

Through the example of my ArtSnacks network (http://artsnacks.org) I will help participants see the effectiveness of these engaging learning environments, while sharing the importance of teaching good online behaviors.

Connecting to the Edu-verse / Self-directed staff development

(one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

In this session we explore several online learning communities that teachers can use to begin what I call self-directed staff development. We’ll join a few of these communities and begin building networks that will serve participants, long after our day is over.

Trends, Tactics and Tools for 21st Century Learning

(one hour presentation, whole or half day or hands on)

This session is a fun look at the exciting things that happen when

educators step outside their boxes and try new tools. It reinforces the

importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become

learners again through positive examples of student success. I’ll share the notion of self-directed staff development and delve into what it takes to build your own “personal learning network”.

Kevin’s Easy and Fun Technology Toolbox

In this hands on day of training teachers will dive in and try out the best of web 2.0 and free applications to empower learning. (laptops are required for this training)

Time 2 Learn

Teachers will tell you over and over that they just need time to learn. In this session we take the time to let them explore new tools and talk to each other as they learn new, digital skills that enhance their instructional practices.

Onsite Consulting

Let me spend time on your location helping empower teachers with technology!

Keynotes and hands-on sessions                                    Online Safety and Cyber-bullying training

I’ll visit your school or community and help get everyone one the same page with online issues!

Chicken Glasses

A form of chicken eyeglasses was first patented in 1903 by Andrew Jackson and for some time after that chicken ranchers used these spectacles to keep chickens from seeing the blood that caused them to peck one another to death. In this presentation for Jr. High, High School, teachers and educational leaders I share this narrative along with tools and resources to help kids see one another through kinder, social lenses.

Before They Click...

(one hour) In this presentation I delve into the difference between firewalls and teaching kids positive behaviors with digital tools and in virtual places. I talk about cyber-bullying and offer suggestions for guiding kids away from behaviors that are damaging to victims as well as bullies. I share resources and sites that are helpful for mentors of “digital” kids. This is a balanced conversation that illuminates  many positive digital tools that educators can use to bring out the best in kids.

Online Safety for Parents

(one hour)      

Online Safety for Teachers

(one hour / half day)

Cyber-Bullying, What Parents Should Know

(one hour.)

Cyber-Bullying, What Every Teacher Should Know

(one hour / half day)

Cyber-Safety, Community Inoculation

With this package I spend the day at your school, talking to all grade levels as well as parents in the evening.

“Don’t Stay Under the Couch!”

Anti-Bullying presentation appropriate for all grade levels (one hour per)

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