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There are many ways to start but...

I want to be an author, write a book and sell it!

I want to produce an audio book and distribute it!

   I want to write a song, produce it and sell it!

I want to create a product, produce it and sell it!

                  I want to start a business!

This is about interest, work ethic and dreams...

It’s smart to choose something you like and have interest in as a beginning because there will be many points where you are frustrated and loving what you’re working on might just keep you in the game long enough to see you win.

The most important thing to do is START! What does this mean? Whatever you decide to try, keep trying until you’ve really tried it. Giving up, quitting, losing attention and walking away without learning something are the opposite of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Are you ready to really jump in and see what you might be able to achieve?

Whatever you choose to try there will be several phases to work through on the way to your goal. BTW what is your goal? Do you just want to put something out there and see what happens or do you have a specific goal for sales, audience and a definition of success?

Social media is your friend...unless you’re stupid.

Smart use of social media to announce, pre-buzz and share your passion, efforts and eventual release of your product is essential. It doesn’t matter where you live and create. There is a big world full of potential customers waiting. Those same customers may run from you and your products if your online reputation scares them away!

These days there is no excuse to wait to get your dreams started! There are so many free resources, websites, services and tools. A focused, driven person can do almost anything they can imagine. The question is...are you such a person? Go beyond my ideas and this page of resources and get started...today!

Here are some potential tools to get you started. If you don’t like any of these, get started and research others you might like. Whatever happens, DO get started!

                          At lulu.com you

                                  can upload, format, 

                                  price and publish   

                                  your book. Tutorial

At Shapeways.com you can upload your 3-D designs, choose material they will be printed in, set prices and distribute world-wide. Tutorial

At Tunecore.com you can get a free band account, upload your songs, choose or create album art and get Played on iTunes, Spotify & 150+ digital music outlets. Tutorial

At Spoonflower.com you can upload your own photos or drawings, format them and print your own fabric, wall paper, wrapping paper. clothes, towels, blankets and much, much more! Tutorial

This is just a beginning! Contact me to learn more about how you can jump in and get your dreams started by starting a class at your school!
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Whatever the dream or idea there are many, many ways to get them going. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Find your own tutorials if the ones below don’t work for you!