Our kids will spend the rest of their lives in the future. Are we getting them ready?


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41 things kids and teachers should do with a camera

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     Where In The 

      World I’ll be

July 29th        Mitchell               SD

July 30, 31st  Houston              TX

Aug. 1&15th  Winchester         TN 

Aug. 5th         Hennessey          OK

Aug. 7th         Amity                   AR

Aug. 12th       Hershey              NE

Aug. 13th       White Oak          TX

Aug. 14th       Coal Grove         OH

Aug. 15th       Oregon                OH

Aug. 16th       Mentor                OH

Aug. 19,20th Owosso                MI

Aug. 21st       Waterloo              IA

Aug. 22nd     Wittenburg           WI

Aug. 23rd      Oak Park             MI

Aug. 26th      Westby                WI

Aug. 28th      Billings                MT

Aug. 29th      Appleton             WI

Sep. 3rd        Allen Park           MI

Sep. 9th        Pomona              KS

Sep. 16th      Bertha                MN 

Sep. 20th      Zanesville          OH

Sep. 23rd      Laramie             WY

Oct. 2nd        Cedar Rapids     IA

Oct. 4th          Ottawa               IL

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