My presentations and trainings...

What can I do for you?


I designed this presentation specifically

for kids who face challenges. This is about taking ownership of both your challenges AND your opportunities!

Launch Me for kids is a one day seminar geared toward helping kids set goals, leverage today’s tools and find their path to success.

With my Midnight Run library tour I visit libraries all over the world and read and share the stories and decisions that shaped my success with kids.

It is my passion to help educators re-find their passion for teaching. Through stories and powerful ideas I use this time to reinvest in educators.

In these one hour or full day presentations with administrators, board members and other educational decision makers I share ideas and powerful tools to help them chart their course for the future.

These presentations are aimed at kids from Jr. High to High School and College. I share stories, tools and ideas to help them make great choices that can lead to their success.

In these parent night events I share ideas, tools and strategies to help parent help guide their digital kids.

Contact Brenda Druecker to inquire about have me come and share any of these offerings!

I can bring the Cardboard Force to any location. All we need is duct tape, cardboard and imagination!

How far outside of your box are you willing to go? In these camps we re-imagine schools alongside kids and end up visioning learning spaces that really fit today’s learners and learning styles.