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Ginger Lewman

Andre Daughty

Future Proofing Your Schools Michael / Kevin / Ginger / Ben

Robot-Proofing Your Kids Michael / Kevin / Kimberly

Student Motivation/Engagement  Kevin / Ginger / Ben / Andre

Heal Trauma, Solve Poverty  Rebecca / Katie / Ginger / Kevin / Andre

Career Clusters / Pathways   Ginger / Kevin / Brent

Project Based Learning  Ginger / Katie / Andre

STEAM Learning  Ginger / Kimberly

Financial Literacy  Kevin / Brent / Ginger

Entrepreneurial Learning  Brent / Kevin / Ginger / Ben

Self Directed / Student Owned Learning Kevin / Ginger / Ben

Google Certifications Ginger

True Tech Integration Kevin / Ginger / Kimberly

Helping Kids Design Digital Legacies Kevin / Ben / Andre

Planning For True Community Involvement Kevin / Ginger / Andre

Sharpening The Cutting Edge  Kevin, Jimmie

                              Change Process: Moving Beyond

                              the Status Quo  Jimmie

                              Culturize: Every Student.

                              Every Day. Whatever It Takes. Jimmie

How can we build ecosystems that surround and inspire kids and teachers while empowering to find their own success?         
                                                           Kevin Honeycutt

Brent Kerr

Kimberly Wright

Michael Priddis

Katie Perez

Jimmie Casas

Student Entrepreneurs





  Social/Emotional Learning





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