What is it?


360 Learning Plans: what is it?

We believe that effective and quality professional learning is never a “one and done” situation. Great shifts and the great learning that actualizes those shifts takes time. Asking educators, students, families, and surrounding communities to understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what it means for them and their futures takes time … and more than a one-time pass-through.

We also believe that our educators, as adult learners, have diverse needs, readiness, and interests, just as the students in any classroom. And we also know that teachers teach how they are taught; therefore we want to respect learner differences and interests, in both the K12 classroom and the professional learning workshop.

For these reasons, 360 Learning Plans is intentionally designed to allow leadership and worker bee choice and voice in learning. Each topic that is selected for the school district, and then opened for teacher-choice lends a clear message to the bigger cause of educational change: and that message is that each learner can, and will, learn. And we will create meaningful, long-term opportunities for you to move forward. Whether you, as an educational leader, select 10 focus areas or 2, you will be special-ordering expert practitioners who are among the best in the business, customised to build and deliver exactly what you want and your learners need.

Why do this?

It’s important that our teachers understand the importance of being fed the info they want in a way that works for them. When we tell them that the one-size-fits-all classroom doesn’t work, yet our professional learning plans are precisely that, it’s hard to reconcile the disparity in our words and actions. Also, we know that deep learning takes time.

The 360 Learning Plans approach allows you to choose exactly the shifts you want to bring to your community in a long-term relationship with partners who all understand the foundational beliefs.

How does it work?

You have landed on this page because someone referred you to it or because you’re interested in more long-term learning for deeper and lasting shifts. At this point, you get to choose from the menu of topics and consultants. You may choose this alone as a leader, or open the conversation to your wider team.  

Once you have chosen which topics and consultants you want, or if you have questions in that process, reach out Brenda using her contact information on the page. She will set up a meeting with you and the appropriate consultants to get your questions answered and talk with more detail.  

If you’re ready for each staff member to grow so each student grows while the community supports you in your big initiatives, then 360 Learning Plans is for you. Pick the initiatives you want to bring to your family, then pick the consultants to fit your needs! We’ll take care of the rest!