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Positive Student Belief Statements

Download the curriculum guide for my book designed to help teachers and kids become more trauma informed.



"Not every mind blooms in the same way or at the same time. Be a patient gardener of minds."

            - Kevin Honeycutt

Are You Being Bullied?
I’ve spent most of my life thinking about helping kids succeed. Let’s join forces!  

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Let me help you and your people begin to conceive and design the type of positive, supportive and inclusive school culture that serves all learning and learners.



Let me share my personal story with your culture and help them understand trauma’s effect on the learning mind and the school culture.


Keynotes & Trainings

Inspirational Teachers Change Hearts & Lives In this keynote I share stories and ideas geared toward inspired tired and uninspired teachers.                                          Connecting With Lost Learners We see them every day, hiding in plain site, kids who gave up or checked out somewhere along the educational path. How can we re-find these kids and get them back onto the path to their own personal future success?                                                Empowering Learners with Digital Tools In this keynote I share free tools as well as stories about schools and classrooms that have used them to engage learners and learning. Everyone Matters In this keynote I’ll discuss the crucial impact of all of the faces that kids see at school and share stories where kids were transformed by positive mentors.