Experts lend huge respect to projects and their advice can be priceless. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the time they donate to your challenge.

  1. 1. Know what you want from them before you email, call or Skype them.

  2. 2. Record your conversations and interview with them when possible (with their permission). This allows you to review the conversation and maybe even use the interview or parts of it in your final product videos.

  3. 3. Contact them politely and ask if they have the time to help you with your work.

  4. 4. Get their credentials so that their background can serve to bring respect to your collaborative efforts.

  5. 5. Thank them for their time and expertise.

Advice for accessing expertise...

Glen Duran

Educator at the Cosmosphere and Space Center.


Tom Holcomb

Director of Education at the Cosmosphere and Space Center.


Brad Nuest

Space Science Eductor/Scout Programs Manager at the Cosmosphere and Space Center.


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Charlie Mahoney

Multimedia Expert


Space/Science Experts

Multimedia Experts

Kevin Kneisley

Multimedia Expert


People who can help you with your videos

People who can help with planning and research

Math & Physics Experts

People who can help with math and physics

Heather Dowd

Instructional Technology Specialist with a B.S. in Physics


Rod Tolle

Educator at Pleasantview Academy and Math/Physics teacher

Contact: Rod Tolle