The D-1 Project Step by step


This project may seem pretty complex but if we break it down into steps, it becomes easier to imagine and complete. The table above lays out a possible step by step plan for completing the project with details about what you can do to stay on track and meet your deadline. Please contact me with questions about the project or for advice about ways you can proceed. While this is a hypothetical asteroid scenario, it is possible that your plan might be instrumental in really saving the world if we ever really face such events. Proceed like this is real because one day in the future it might be. Remember you are in the role of student learners so take notes on how you might do this kind of lesson with kids. : )

                                                                       ~Kevin Honeycutt

One step at a time...

Time & activities breakdown for the D-1 project. This is a suggested model, yours may look different.

Teachers will plan the scope and expectations for teams as well as the deliverables that teams will produce. They will determine how they will measure group and individual success.

(1 hour) Students research and learn about asteroids using the Research Resources link on the site. They can take notes and share their learning on a Google Doc or some other collaborative tool available to the whole world or keep it local. They are growing new understanding.

(1hour) Kids study the problem of an asteroid collision, study the available information on the subject. Set tasks for individual team members & make initial contact with outside experts.

D-1 Project



Study the problem


(2 hours) Kids will share their research on asteroids so far. Brainstorm possible solutions and think about ways to solve the problem.

Kids will share their evolving plans for stopping the collision with D-1. They can explore the merits of other plans .They can plan in the back channel and get advice from one another.

Soft Deadline

Teams will finalize their plans and then present them to the camera. (ten minute limit) Imagine that these are filmed for the UN to see. Be creative and have fun with them. You can record with a Flipcam, webcam, video camera iPad or whatever works best where you are. Post these for people to see and tell people about them!

Record your video presentations

Teams will share plans for saving the world from the D-1 asteroid with an audience by sharing the videos on ArtSnacks You could/should also plan a presentation event where you make what they’ve done important.

D1 Showcase