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Rocks from the Main Belt asteroids 

Alphabetical list of minor planet names (ASCII)  (Minor Planet Center)

Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) 

Asteroids Page  at NASA's Solar System Exploration 

Asteroid Simulator with Moon and Earth 

Everything you wanted to know about comets and asteroids  - Provided by New Scientist.

Alphabetical and numerical lists of minor planet names (Unicode)  (Institute of Applied Astronomy)

Known Asteroid Impacts & Their Effects 

Future Asteroid Interception Research 

Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site 

Asteroids Dynamic Site  Up-to date osculating orbital elements and proper orbital elements University of Pisa, Italy.

JPL small bodies database  Current down-loadable ASCII table of orbit data and absolute mags H for over 200000 asteroids, sorted by number. Caltech/JPL.

Asteroid naming statistics 

Spaceguard UK 

Large amount of information on asteroid groups collected by Gérard Faure , translation Richard Miles.

1908 Siberian asteroid 

Committee on Small Body Nomenclature 

List of minor planet orbital groupings and families from ProjectPluto 

Cunningham, Clifford, "Introduction to Asteroids: The Next Frontier", ISBN 0-943396-16-6

James L. Hilton: When Did the Asteroids Become Minor Planets? 

Kirkwood, Daniel; Relations between the Motions of some of the Minor Planets (1874). 

Schmadel, L.D. (2003). Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. 5th ed. IAU/Springer-Verlag: Heidelberg.

Asteroid articles in Planetary Science Research Discoveries